Artist: Fred Klingelhofer
Medium: Bronze
Circa: 2008
Subject: Walking Figures
Size: 5 1/2" w x 10 1/4" h x 6" d
Price: Sold (Limited Edition 3/4)

Artist: Fred Klingelhofer
Medium: ceramic and concrete
Subject: Walking Man
Size: 37" h
Price: $1500

Artist: Fred Klingelhofer
Medium: Padouk, Cherry, White Gesso
Circa; 2008
Subject: Passageway I
Size: 16" w x 25" h x 5 1/2"d
Price: $850


Artist: Fred Klingelhofer
Medium: Plaster (Hand Carved)
Circa: 2007
Subject: Afternoon Conversation
Price: $400 (Sold)


Afternoon Conversation

This sculpture is a variation on the theme of standing female figures I started around 1995. On the south side of Chicago just northwest of the stockyards, where I grew up most of the women worked in their homes cooking, cleaning, and raising their children. They would at times gather in groups of two, three, or four, mostly two or three to exchange recipes, borrow some needed ingredient for the evening meal, or complain about a child's behavior the day before. Each lady in my neighborhood had a particular way of standing and moving as well as a unique body type. I tried to capture this with the ladies in "Afternoon Conversation".

The piece is plaster with applied gesso and clear acrylic sealer.

f. g. klingelhofer

Artist: Fred Klingelhofer
Medium:White Marble, Black Marble, Cast Concrete
Circa: 2008
Subject: Life Mates
Size: 11"h x 7 1/2" w x 6" d
Price: $475 (Commission) Sold

Artist: Fred Klingelhofer
Medium: Bronze, (Patina)
Circa: 2007
Subject: Play-Dance
Size: 12 1/2" l x 10 3/4" x 10 1/2" h
Price: $2000


Artist: Fred Klingelhofer
Medium: Yellow Poplar White Oak
Circa: 2008
Subject: Ripples
Size: 52 1/2" x 18" w x 5 1/2" d
Price: $2000 (Sold)




Artist: Fred Klingelhofer
Medium: Steel, Stone
Circa: 2009
Subject: This Broken Stone IV
Size: 40" x 13" x 13"
Price: $1200 (sold)

Fred Klingelhofer
circa: 2010
Title: Sitting Woman in Red
Material: plywood, exterior paint
Dimensions;(approx.) Ht. 94 x 84" x 36", separate lime stone base (approx.) 3" x 48" x 88"


Fred Klingelhofer
circa: 2009
Title: Near
Material: Cast Iron,
Steel, Cement, Glass
Dimensions: 62” x 33.2” x 12”



Fred Klingelhofer
Title: S & S (Stone and Steel)
circa: 2010
Material: Granite, Basalt, Stainless Steel, Granite Field Stone
Price: $1400










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