These are two oil paintings purchased in France by a client. The paintings coordinate with each other but are not framed exactly alike. Both have double frames which are stacked. The larger painting has a walnut frame in the inside with a black liner frame on the outside. The smaller painting has the reverse design. The inner frame is a black frame, and the outer frame is the walnut frame.

This is a charcoal sketch by Steeple Gallery artist Mike Chelich. The frame reflects the tones of the sketch, the mat is the same hue as the paper, and the fillet accentuates the charcoal cross hatching. The V-Groove on the mat is a delicate detailing which creates a soft focal point between the fillet an frame.
This is a set of five diplomas varying in different sizes and paper colors. They have all been framed with the same proportions with the same materials to give a cohesive look. The client was thrilled after we installed the certificates in her office!


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