"Polar Bear" $132
"L'orso Bianco - Ursus maritimus"
Hand Colored Lithograph from Atlante Zoologico Popolare by Givanni Boschi, Circa 1863-1867 (Italy)
This collection was created during the heyday of this style.

This lithograph is done in a style very popular with collectors at the present time and is referred to as Naive Art. Naive painters to not constitute a group or a school.

This na´ve style is characterized by a deliberate lack of sophisticated artistic technique. The use of color is not dictated by faithfulness to reality. While a tiger in the jungle may have black and gold stripes, a na´ve artist may use black and blue. Subject matter is childlike or na´ve.

The na´ve artist is free from artistic traditions. These artists have free range of imagination and fantasy sometimes with almost a surrealist effect. The so-called "psychological perspective" is a prominent feature of na´ve painting. The relative size of objects and figures is determined by psychological interest without regard to natural proportions. This results in the perspective often being askew.

The lithographs published from 1863 - 1867 In Napoli, Italy as part of the Atlante Zoologico Popolare compiled by Dott.Giovanni Boschi are a superb example of na´ve style.
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