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Rosa bengalensis, var: Queen Victoria. Hand Colored Plate drawn and lithographed by Alex LaGarde, Circa 1846, Commissioned by The Belgium Royal Botanical Society, from the Gand Journal of Horticulture. Edited by Charles Morren, published in Bruxelles and Liege. Matted and in clear slip cover. Paper size: height 10" x width 6 ", pristine condition, no aging.

By the end of the 18th Century, English artists made botanical illustrations a field of their own. One of the outstanding names in the field was Henry C. Andrews. His illustrations are collector's high points. From conception to completion, Andrews did it all. This was highly unusual at that time. Many botanical artists were employed to only "draw plates." Andrews was one of three artists who were the artist, etcher, colourist and publisher as well.

Andrew's Botanist's Repository of New and Rare Plants Only was published between 1797 and 1814 in ten volumes with over six hundred and sixty plates. As the title states, it was devoted entirely to the description and illustration of new plant material from many sources. All 660 plates are in the gallery's collection.

Most of Andrew's work has a distinctive flavor, which makes his illustrations easily identifiable. His work is stylized and very vivid in colour. He has a more artistic presentation in his illustrations rather than the botanist. For example, in his illustration of Allium gracile (A. neapolitanum) (onion) the leaves swirl and turn like a long ribbon wand throughout the entire plate. (Available at the gallery.)

It's amazing that after 200 years, these original plates still exude the original essence of the flower as Andrews' saw them. International art collectors, as well as gardening enthusiasts, highly value and appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of his work.

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