"Strawberry" $ 88
"Laxtons Noble" Chromolithograph, Circa 1907, Germany. From Deutschland Obstorher, Artist Unknown. Matted and in clear slip cover, paper size height 11" x width 8", perfect condition, vibrant colors. These illustrations were used in school in Germany. One of the earliest books to illustrate citrus fruits was published in 1708, Volckamer's Nurnbergische Hesperides. In 1729 Batty Langley published Pomona or the Fruit Garden Illustrated . . . with over 300 drawings of several fruits engraved on seventy-nine folio pages. What followed was Twelve Months of Fruit in 1732 to several other noteworthy publications to Poiteau's Histoire Naturelle des Orangers in 1818. Today, fruit illustrations are highly sought after by collectors, decorators, gardeners, and others interested in this area.

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